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learning about social media for business

Learning how to use social media for business can be simple. The time required to reach out to an audience does not happen overnight though. Once you have established which platforms your customers are using, you are half way there. The trick to establishing relationships with your customers is to engage them with short updates and offer support, and most of all, be yourself. In this post, I intend to give you an insight of what is required to do this.

You may think that once you have a profile set up that they will come however, finding people to engage with requires some research which takes time. Being an expert in your chosen niche will help as you share your knowledge. As your community grows, it is natural to share content from your website and also market your products.

learning how to use social media for business

If you have never used social media to connect to people other than friends and family the thought of growing a community may sound overwhelming to start with. Once you have settled in and connected to other people and businesses, you begin a journey of discovery which will eventually become second nature.

You may already use Facebook, Twitter and maybe even Instagram to connect with family and friends. You may even be connected to groups of people who share the same interests as you do. Leaving comments on posts of interest, and not necessarily in your niche, will connect you with like minded people. These relationships will evolve over time and you will soon learn where your time is most warranted.

creating interest

Creating interest amongst your followers need not be a chore. To discover what they will comment on and share, diversity is key. Sharing quotes, images and re-posting items from people you follow is a way to begin. It goes without saying that you will self-promote your own content too.

Images are a great way to draw attention to your profile. When writing an article, be conscious of the image/s you use in your content. Make sure you either create the image yourself or purchase stock photo’s so as not to breach copyright laws.

Rock the Deadline shared 12 great sources of free images for social media I encourage you to read through. Canva is another great resource I have recently discovered. You can make your very own creations and use them for blog posts and social media. Getty Images make it possible to embed stock photo’s in your WordPress blog linking the credit back to the artist.

stay tuned in and keep posting

Once you have established a rapport with your followers and your community starts growing, whatever you do, stay tuned and keep posting. If you find that you feel overwhelmed by checking different profiles and all times of the day, don’t be. There are many tools to help you stay in touch. You can even schedule posts for social networks. One such tool I have found very helpful is Hootsuite. Once you have your profiles set up, rather than manually writing updates at all times of the day and night, you can spend an hour or so per week setting up prepared updates.

Checking in on your community also need not be difficult. Again, Hootsuite is very helpful for busy people, enabling you to manage your workload.  In your dashboard, you are able to setup profiles and streams of those profiles. You may even setup a stream for hashtags you are following so you can get a glimpse of what people are saying.

Hopefully this has provided you with hints to begin learning how to use social media for business. If you have any comments or questions, please type them in the box below or contact us to find out how we can help you get started.

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