With increasing technology moving at a rapid pace, keeping up with the latest trends in responsive website designs can be confusing. By now you probably realise that people accessing the internet on the move is more common than you think. This is why understanding that your website needs to be available and looking good across all browsers, desk top computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones is extremely important.

responsive website designs

Responsive website designs are paramount to your business. How many times have you searched on your mobile phone or tablet to shop, buy movie tickets or book a restaurant? Can you remember a time where the font was too small to read or the navigation of the site didn’t live up to expectations so you do another search to find a more device friendly site?

Is your current website one of those hard to read websites on a phone or tablet? We can help you either to create your first website or rebuild an existing website which will bring you more visitors who stay on your site, make a purchase and recommend you to their friends.

Once we have established your needs through a consultation, we can begin the process of looking good across all devices. Starting with brand design and a call to action slogan, we create a strategy and build your online business around this.

social media and online strategy

Owning a great looking and easy to navigate website is not enough. How will customers find you? We discuss your target audience and plan a strategy which you can easily implement and maintain or which we can maintain for you.

Using social media and frequently updating content such as a blog or news stream about your business is important to keep you visible in the search engines.

Find out more about how a social media strategy can help you.